Comedians NWA

WHO WE ARE:  Comedians NWA is a collective of Northwest Arkansas' funniest comedians.

WHAT WE DO: We put on open-mics and showcases all over the area featuring both local and regional talent.  We also produce shows bringing nationally renowned comedians to NWA.

WHAT WE NEED:  Your lovely, smiling faces in the crowd supporting your local comedy scene!


A Comedy Year in Review: 2018 

In 2017, for the First Time in our History, Comedians NWA produced over 100 shows.  105 to be exact. 

By the end of this month, we will have hit the stage 139 times in 2018 !!  That's nearly twice as many shows as we did in 2016.  Our continued growth can be attributed to many things.  The number of talented local Comedians honing their crafts at Open Mics and Showcases continues to grow.  The venues that we work with believe in us and continue to support us in so many ways.  Our growing reputation as an…

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A Comedy Year in Review: 2017 

105.   That's the number of Comedy Shows that Comedians NWA Produced this year. 

From Open Mics to Showcases and Game Shows to Roast Battles, 105 times in 2017, we got to flip on the lights, get on stage and do what we enjoy more than anything else, bring laughs to our fans.

2017 was a truly special year for Comedians NWA.  It saw the transition to our new format of a rotating Thursday Night Open Mic between Nomad's and Stage 18 that has reached many new fans, as well as several talented new comedians. …

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NWA Roast Battle League 

The first show in the NWA Roast Battle League is in the books and we're already chomping at the bit to do the next one.  8 Comedians took the stage to battle it out one-on-one and when all the dust settled, Paul Naegle pulled out a nail-bitter of a victory of Stephanie Cross in a sudden-death match.

We're always excited to try new things and judging by the hordes of crowd members asking, "When's the next one?!?" after the show, you all are ready for some more.  This will be a series of shows running year…

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The New Comedians NWA Open-Mics! 

Comedians NWA is kicking of 2017 with 2 brand new Open-Mics.  Starting Jan 26th, the Comedians NWA Thursday Night Open-Mic will rotate between Stage 18 and Nomad's Music Lounge.  The 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays of the month we will be at Nomad's Music Lounge.  The 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month we will be at Stage 18.  

To kick things off, we will have a special Wednesday night mic on Jan 18th at Nomads to hold you over till our regular mics return!

Of course, sometimes there's scheduling conflicts with…

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All Good Things Must Come to an End... 

If you're a comedy fan who's found yourself in the Northwest Arkansas Area over the last few years, chances are you've experienced the magic of a comedy open mic at Ryleigh's.  Every week, a mixture of comics ranging from wide-eyed first timers to grizzled vets took the stage, not only to work on their craft, but to bring laughter to the community. 

A typical night would see 15-20 comics performing their latest and greatest material to a very receptive crowd.  Was every night a resounding success?  Of course…Read more

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