New Show & Open Mic Schedule Update

We previously announced some upcoming changes to our show & open mic schedules and it's almost here!  Starting April 12th, we will have our Southtown Showcase every Friday at the original Nomads location in South Fayetteville.  With that comes the move of our Thursday Night Open Mic to the new Nomads Trailside location.  We were originally schedule to move the Thursday Night Mic to the Trailside location on April 11th, but due to a delay with the opening of Trailside, that has been pushed back to May.  So stay tuned for more info on the big move for the Open-Mic!

You can always stay up-to-date on all our shows on the Show Calendar here on the website or on our Facebook page, but here is the new schedule:

Thursday (Weekly): Comedy Open Mic at Nomads Southtown (Moving to Nomads Trailside in May)
Friday (Weekly): Southtown Comedy Show at Nomads Southtown
Saturday (Weekly): Ciderday Night Comedy Show at Black Apple Crossing in Springdale

Also, keep your eyes peeled for other great shows we are doing at various times, including Ladies Night in Cursive at Backspace and On the Spot at Fayetteville Public Television!

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