Tits on Tape

Stage 18, 18 E. Center St., Fayetteville, AR 72701

For the first time ever! Come experience a live comedy album recording with six of the best female comics in Arkansas!

Some are homegrown locals, some hail from other states, but all ladies are proud Fayetteville residents. And yes, in addition to other media, a limited release of the album will be available on actual cassette tapes! Uncensored and unleashed, there will definitely be adult content.

Tickets will be $7 at the door, but you can snag them now for only $5 by clicking the button below for Safe & Easy PayPal Checkout w/ No Service Fees.

Full Lineup: Stef Bright Beth Fronczak Taylor Hern Kaia Hodo Elaine Jackson Laura Weiderhaft