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So we got this mailing list you can sign up for on the homepage.  So what happens when you sign up for it?

Well, we hate our email inboxes getting bombarded just as much as you do, so we will be very selective about what we send you.  We want to keep you updated on only the biggest happenings on all things Comedians NWA, so we will only message you when we have big news.  For example, big news we'd like to let you know about this month would be the fact that Doug Stanhope and Friends are coming right here to Fayetteville!!  Or maybe the fact that we have another nationally renowned comic coming to Fayetteville in October!  Who's the comic, well sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know....

Also, we'll keep you up to date if we add new venues in the NWA area, if we're doing a special show somewhere or if we are putting on another series of benefit shows to raise money for charity.

Long story short, we're only going to get you the info you want... plus we'll have contest to win free tickets to big shows and other cool stuff like free merch.  So sign up today!

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