All Good Things Must Come to an End...

If you're a comedy fan who's found yourself in the Northwest Arkansas Area over the last few years, chances are you've experienced the magic of a comedy open mic at Ryleigh's.  Every week, a mixture of comics ranging from wide-eyed first timers to grizzled vets took the stage, not only to work on their craft, but to bring laughter to the community. 

A typical night would see 15-20 comics performing their latest and greatest material to a very receptive crowd.  Was every night a resounding success?  Of course not.  As is the nature of an open mic, there was rough nights along the way.  There was summer nights where only 10 souls occupied the large downstairs area.  There was short-lived comics who used the opportunity to spew hate.  There was clueless knuckle-draggers who used the stage as a poor attempt to "meet chicks". 

But those cringe-worthy moments were few and far between.  For every one of those slow nights or misguided attempts at humor by idiots, there was 20 nights where something amazing happened.  Maybe it was a night where 100 people packed the room and roared at every joke.  Maybe it was a night where a large group of friends "Roasted" the hell out of each other on stage for 3 hours and then ended then night in a huge group hug that lasted minutes.  Or maybe it was a night where a person who's dreamed of doing comedy their whole life finally took the plunge and began a lifelong passion for comedy.

That's been the beauty of the Open Mic at Ryleigh's, you never knew what the night had in store for you. 

Unfortunately, after a few very amazing years of doing the open mic at Ryleigh's, it's coming to an end.  Ryleigh's wasn't ever a "Comedy Club".  Comedians NWA was but a cog of the "Live Entertainment" machine at Ryleigh's.  It has featured tons of live music, trivia nights, variety shows and much more.  As Dickson St. continues to evolve, so must Ryleigh's and for that reason, they're moving away from most of their Live Entertainment.  They wil be remodeling and changing up their format after the New Year and the Ryleigh's Comedy Open Mics will cease to exist.

While we're saddened by this news for our own selfish reasons, Comedians NWA will find a new place to host a mic and comedy will continue to grow in NWA.  That being said, we would be remiss in moving past this chapter of our history and not acknowledging all the things that Ryleigh's, in a particular Travis Smith, has done for us.  Travis has been, and continues to be, one of the biggest supporters of Comedians NWA and his work with the group will continue to go on long after comedy comes to an end at Ryleigh's. 

And with that, we can assure you, the brightest days are ahead for Comedians NWA.  We're continuing to bring in Big Name National Comics.  We've just added a new monthly showcase that we'll be announcing very soon.  And we will find a new place to do our open mic because it's the lifeblood of our Comedy Community.

So stay tuned for more information about the open mic going forward and join us for the remaining few shows at Ryleigh's this month:

Thur - Dec 8th
Mon - Dec 12th
Thur- Dec 22nd 
Thur - Dec 29th - THE GRAND FINALE!

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