A Comedy Year in Review: 2018

In 2017, for the First Time in our History, Comedians NWA produced over 100 shows.  105 to be exact. 

By the end of this month, we will have hit the stage 139 times in 2018 !!  That's nearly twice as many shows as we did in 2016.  Our continued growth can be attributed to many things.  The number of talented local Comedians honing their crafts at Open Mics and Showcases continues to grow.  The venues that we work with believe in us and continue to support us in so many ways.  Our growing reputation as an amazing place to do shows has attracted more and more of the Nation's Funniest Comedians to want to add NWA to their tours. But above all else, our continued growth and success falls squarely on the shoulders of you, our fans!

All the organizing and production of these shows would be for nothing if wasn't for all the amazing people in our Communities coming out and supporting them.  That support is what keeps us motivated to do more and go bigger, and that's what we plan on doing in 2019!  There is no greater reward for us than to hear from you all after shows how much you enjoyed them and how thankful you all are that we are turning NWA into a place where you can see Great Comedy Shows so frequently. 

We entered 2018 with two Monthly Showcases, SouthTown Comedy Night at Nomads and The Stand-Up/Stay-Up Comedy Show at Black Apple Crossing.  In July, we transitioned the SouthTown Comedy Night into a Bi-Weekly Show and the Stand-Up/Stay-Up Comedy Show into a Weekly show under the new name The Ciderday Night Comedy Show.  Going from two regularly scheduled shows to six or seven a month was something that can only be done if there is enough of a demand for them and in the six months since, it is apparent that there is as we continue to pack out shows consistently.

Our Roast Battle League has continued to be a Fan-Favorite as we head into the Championship Show this weekend.  In total we have had 35 competitors face off in over 90 battles and as we head into the Championship show, we only have 8 remaining to vie for the Crown of NWA Roast Battle League Champion.

Our open-mics have continued to rotate between Stage Eighteen and Nomads and remain to be the lifeblood of Comedians NWA.  In many Comedy Scenes, "Open-Mic" is almost like a dirty word.  Poorly attended, Comedians trying to one up each other on who can say the most offensive things and just a chore to get through.  We are truly spoiled by how amazing our Open-Mics are every Thursday.  They are  packed with a mixture of people getting their first taste of live comedy and people who have coming to them for years and there's almost always a ton of energy in the room.  Our Comedians range from Fresh Faced Newbies to Seasoned Vets, all of them caring much more about being funny than being shocking.  We truly have one of the most special Open Mics in the nation.

We are also always working on bringing unique shows to our fans.  Plenty of One-Nighters have taken place this year at places like Stage Eighteen and Backspace.  We've had a blast with all kinds of shows, including Game Shows, Festivals and Charity Events.  We just snagged our biggest booking of the year as the Amazing Sean Patton (Comedy Central, Conan) will be performing at Stage Eighteen on Sun. Dec 16th and we couldn't think of a better way to begin wrapping up 2018.

We are very excited to see what 2019 has in store for Comedians NWA.  Once again, we just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us during this amazing year and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces in the crowd for years to come!

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