WHO WE ARE:  Comedians NWA is a collective of Northwest Arkansas' best and brightest comedians.

WHAT WE DO: We put on multiple open-mics and showcases all over the area featuring both local and regional talent.  We also produce shows bringing nationally renowned comedians to NWA.

WHAT WE NEED:  Your lovely, smiling faces in the crowd supporting your local comedy scene!

The Machine is coming to NWA!

Just announced: Bert Kreischer - Oct 28th.

Tickets: Click Here to go to TicketStorm.com

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Fayetteville Shows Up Big For Stanhope Again! 

Comedians NWA would just like to thank all the comedy fans in the area for making Doug Stanhope's return trip to Fayetteville another successful one.  Doug, along with Junior Stopka and Andy Andrist,  really had blast performing to the packed out room and meeting with fans after. 

If you loved seeing Doug at Mermaids you should grab your tickets today to see Bert Kreischer on Oct 28th at Mermaids.  They're very good friends and as Doug said on stage, Bert is one of the funniest comedians in the world.Read more

Comedians NWA in the Fayetteville Flyer! 

The friendly folks over at Fayetteville Flyer did an awesome feature on us and we couldn't be more grateful. 

Comedians NWA is really focused on strengthening the local comedy scene, as well as putting NWA on the map nationally when it comes to comedy.  There are exciting things in the works, starting off with Doug Stanhope and Bert Kreischer both coming to town... and we're just getting started!

Click here to read the full article:  FayettevilleFlyer.com

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Mailing List 

So we got this mailing list you can sign up for on the homepage.  So what happens when you sign up for it?

Well, we hate our email inboxes getting bombarded just as much as you do, so we will be very selective about what we send you.  We want to keep you updated on only the biggest happenings on all things Comedians NWA, so we will only message you when we have big news.  For example, big news we'd like to let you know about this month would be the fact that Doug Stanhope and Friends are coming right here to…Read more

Doug Stanhope is coming to Fayetteville!! 

Comedians NWA proudly announces the return of Doug Stanhope to Northwest Arkansas. 

Doug's material ranges from true-life graphic perversion to volatile social criticism. Doug is vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited and is certainly not for everybody. 

The show will be in the event center located inside Mermaids Seafood Restaurant. This will be the first of many shows featuring the biggest names in comedy that Comedians NWA will be doing at Mermaids. Like our page to stay…

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